What Has Happened to Instagram?

I’ve been working on new listings for my Etsy shop so I’ve been a bit quieter on Instagram. I saw a comment from someone saying they are no longer seeing much of the accounts they are following in their feed. I thought they might be being a bit dramatic, but I’ve realised they are totally right. I am now only seeing the hashtags I follow and people I don’t follow even popping up in my feed.

Also, I really like photos and I want to carry on posting photos, but they dont get anywhere near the reach they used to and it’s a real shame because I feel like we’ve you’ve lost that community element that we had before.

So where do we go from here? I’m thinking if transferring to a different platform. Maybe YouTube (scary) or this blog (more than once a year!)

I would also like to share more of my personality on social media. I found out about #marchmeetthemaker in April 😭 but I like the idea of sharing some more of my randomness with the world. Perhaps my next post will be on that. Though not today as I’ve lost my eyebrow tweezers and I look a little too yeti-like for any photos right now!! 😉 One random fact for now…. I still have a bit if a lump on my forehead from accidentally headbutting the back of a dining chair over a week ago (it came up as an egg-shaped lump within 5 seconds)… I’m hoping it fully goes away eventually. Mental note to self…. Turn the light on in the corridor before turning the lounge lamp off and never bend to pick something up in the dark!!



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