Word of the Day: 18

word of the day 18


noun UK  /ʃɪˈkeɪ.nər.i/ US  /-nɚ-/ (as always, go to the link to hear the word)

› clever, dishonest talk or behaviour that is used to deceive people:

The investigation revealed political chicanery and corruption at the highest levels.

Ref: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/chicanery

Hurrah – Friendly Plastic Success

Hurrah - Friendly Plastic Success


friendly plastic play 2


friendly plastic play 3


I decided to get back on the horse and have another go with the friendly plastic (I bought a stash of it so I kinda had to!) I tried one of my least favourite stamps with a clear ink pad and left it to go completely cold before peeling it off. It worked, so I tried a few other stamps and here are the results! Has anyone else tried working with friendly plastic? What kind of things do you do with it?

Word of the Day:16

word of the day 16


noun UK and US pronunciation /təˈmer.ɪ.ti/ (click on the link below to hear what the word sounds like)

› a willingness to do or say something that shocks or upsets other people: [+ to infinitive] She had the temerity to call me a liar.

Ref: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/temerity?q=temerity

Word of the Day: 14(ish)

Hello Everyone,

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a gap in the word of the day….well I am going to do it as and when I have time, so it doesn’t become too rigid 🙂

Today’s word is one I have heard but wouldn’t have been able to define:

word of the day 14


adjective UK & US pronunciation  /nəˈfeə.ri.əs/   (click on the link below to hear what the word sounds like).

(especially of activities) morally bad: The director of the company seems to have been involved in some nefarious practices/activities.

nefariously     /-li/ adverb

nefariousness     /-nəs/ noun


Friendly Plastic Disaster

So my first foray into the world of friendly plastic has ended somewhat badly! The demonstrator made it look soooo easy! I heated it with a heat tool and pressed a stamp into it. I thought it would be like UTEE and harden quickly. I left it quite a while before peeling the stamp off, but it was still slightly soft and stuck to the stamp. I stupidly heated the stamp to try and get it off (couldn’t think of anything else) and rubbed it, to find the stamp rubbed off! Arg! So I have resorted to trimming off that flower from the stamp and it prints okay now, if somewhat less balanced in terms of design. Has anyone else had trouble with friendly plastic? Other problems I had was not getting a clean cut with cookie cutters and cracking of the metallic finish. But I did get a couple of good little embellishments. More practice definitely required! Any tips would be most welcome!!

Lots of New Toys!

I went to a craft show in Exeter yesterday called Craft4Crafters. It was really good and  bought quite a few nice things to experiment with. I got a lovely pack of friendly plastic, a texture sheet, mini cutters (for when I get round to trying out my silver clay and UTEE), some rubber stamps, some card blanks, shimmer spray, embossing powder and more! I also did a great needle felt workshop and watched a very interesting Big Shot machine demonstration and have decided that is what I want to save up for now! I think it’s great that you can emboss with things other than the shop-bought folders. I have so many ideas now, but that will have to wait, I have plenty to play with for now!